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Water on Wheels: Solving Complex Mine Water Issues With Mobile Water Treatment Solutions

About this webinar
For mining operations, effective water treatment is about more than meeting regulatory requirements and maintaining a social license to operate. Choosing the right approach to water treatment can have a profound impact on a mine's business. One increasingly attractive option for mining companies is the deployment of mobile water treatment technologies.

Often considered as a temporary or emergency solution where an existing plant has failed, or an unforeseen situation has arisen, mobile assets are also ideally suited to use during planned commissioning, refurbishment, or maintenance projects and even for longer-term water treatment requirements, such as during decommissioning and site remediation. These pre-packaged technologies on a trailer, skid, or container make transport to even the most remote sites relatively straightforward and aid in the ease of installation.

In this webinar, we present a variety of case studies showcasing how mobile systems have provided flexible, cutting-edge water treatment solutions for mines.

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